I have an amicable personality and therefore a large circle of friends, but very few are intimate with. I choose my friends carefully and generally, they are of at least similar as I am. I am very loyal to close friends and I enjoy sharing my life with others and happy confiding with them.

Affected by mood swings, I easily loose my temper and tend to become restless. I appear to have a dual personality as I can be two totally different individuals. I inclined to be impatient. I also tend to have pessimistic attitude towards things. At times, I can be stubborn and people find it hard to change my opinion on things.

I am guided by my deep emotions. I have an extremely sensitive personality, with ambitious and determined nature and am cautious, sweet and moody. I have a forgiving and sympathetic nature, although I can be easily upset and slightly hot-tempered. And this is the reason why I often say things I later regret. I am a truthful individual and at times, I’m painfully frank.

Reaching my full potential is something I worry about. That’s why working in a structured environment is often the best and most successful way I work out. I like being motivated and can easily become despondent if I’m not encouraged. My strong desire to succeed means appreciating the finer things in life which in turns influencing the social circles I move in. But basically, the key strength that I possess is my ability to adapt to almost any situation I put myself in. ツ
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